How to drive a manual transmission vehicle to save fuel

Best way to drive a manual transmission car for good fuel economy

Manual transmissions are suppose to be more fuel efficient. At least, that use to be the case not until automatic transmissions also because very fuel efficient and some even beating the manual transmission counterparts. From observations, for some, reverse is the case due to poor driving skill when driving the manual transmission car that is supposed to be fuel efficient. Some drivers are guilty of gear overuse on normal driving conditions. Like keeping it on first gear for more than necessary.

Below are things you can do to get the best fuel economy from a manual transmission car:

- Smart use of coasting and idling on motion is a good way to save fuel with manual transmission.

- Early gear upshifts and transmission overdrive use that is skillfully done can save fuel. Do not lug the engine because it can damage the engine.

- On descents, you may start off with second gear.

- Unnecessary depression of clutch pedal should be avoided. Simply engage the appropriate gear for that speed so that when braking, the car can coast rather than idle.

- Do not rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving.

- Do not over fill the manual transmission fluid during maintenance.

- Learn to drive with the appropriate gear for each speed.

- Use engine braking when possible.

 Note: !!! Avoid turning off the ignition/engine to save fuel. It is very dangerous! Again, do not lug the engine. It places unnecessary stress on it.