Why hybrid cars are good and their advantages over internal combustion engine cars

There are other advantages aside fuel economy that hybrid cars have over ICU only cars.

Some people are inquisitive about what the advantages of hybrid cars over conventional cars are. The negative experience some previous and present users of hybrid cars have has contributed to creating phobia in even people who are yet to have a feel of a hybrid car.

The list below in bullet points are some of the advantages of a hybrid car compared to its non hybrid counterparts. For example, camry hybrid versus conventional camry i4/V6. I am using camry as an example for this comparism because they are one of the the most common hybrids models that we find around and they also have the non hybrid counterparts.


• They are fuel economical especially for city driving. They cut the expenses on fuel to about half. For instance, a 2007 camry hybrid has MPG of 34 in the city which is almost twice that of the conventional camry.• Hybrid cars are more health and environmentally friendly as they release little harmful emissions to the atmosphere. This is because the internal combustion engine rests at some times when the vehicle is operational.

The engine is also designed to emit less amounts of harmful gases. The Atkinson cycle engine is designed to emit less emissions than conventional Otto cycle engines.

• They are quiet. You can repark in your garage before ICU engage on just the hybrid battery power if you are fast enough. At the point of starting the car, someone nearby might not be aware that the car has been started. This is useful if one wants to quietly leave a place.

• The power output of an I4 hybrid car exceeds that of regular I4 but less power than the V6. This is the combined power output of the internal combustion engine and the electric motors. The electric motors also gives the hybrid car a good starting torque and near effortless highway hill climbing.

• It has very impressive acceleration. This is because the electric motors that work in synergy with the ICU can deliver instantaneous torque. That is a property of electric motors. It climbs hills on highway almost effortlessly

• Its eCVT (with planetary gear system) transmission is very reliable. There is also no noticeable gear shift, it is so seamless. That is, its transmission is very smooth and you won't notice any transition to gears as it is a continuous variable transmission.

• You don't need regular brake maintenance as compared to regular cars. It's original brake pads can last up to 100,000 miles of usage. This is because of regenerative braking. The electric motors convert the mechanical energy to electrical energy during braking to stop the car or reduce its speed.

• In the hybrid car, there is less drive belts in the engine hence increasing its reliability, it also implies that there will be less maintenance on the car and also better fuel efficiency. The AC compressor, power steering and water pump are all electrically driven.

• It has a steady and reliable 14V DC power supply from the converter and not from an alternator. There is no issue of brushes wearing out in the alternator, there is also no issue of bad alternator bearing too. Power losses due to friction in belts, pulleys and bearings have been reduced also.

• Hybrids often offer higher trim and equipment levels than many standard models of their non-hybrid counterparts in the same price range.

If hybrid cars are properly handled and well maintained by following the tips in this hybrid car maintenance tips, they are as reliable as conventional cars.

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