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Early signs of engine overheat

Early signs of engine overheat

When internal combustion engines work, they generate a lot of heat. This heat is removed by the coolant through the radiator. Also the engine oil helps to circulate and thereby indirectly remove the heat. 
When there is a problem with the cooling system, the result is most likely an overheating engine.
Engine overheat if not caught early can result to catastrophic engine failure. 
The ability to quickly sense that the engine is overheating or is about to overheat can potentially save the car owner spending on engine repairs or replacement.
Below are common causes of Overheating:
° Faulty radiator° Faulty water pump° Bad drive belt for water pump° Blocked exhaust° Excessively running lean° Bad thermostat&de..

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Reasons why car shakes while braking 

Reasons why car shakes while braking 

Have you noticed that whenever you apply brakes, your car begins to vibrate? This can happen due to diverse reasons. 
It is very common for some people to assume that car shaking while braking is a sign of bad brake disc but that is only one out of many possible reasons. 
These are some possible reasons why car shakes during braking:
° Bad tires can cause vibration while braking. Tire should always be physically inspected. 
° Wrong installation of brake pads. Brake pads should be properly bedded during installation. 
° Caliper seizure which is usually caused by corrosion or dirt. A seized caliper will not allow the brake pad to be applied on the rotor properly. This will cause pulsation. A seized caliper might not r..

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How serious is transmission fluid leak?

How serious is transmission fluid leak?

Have you noticed a transmission fluid leakage and you don't know whether you can manage the car to your next destination or simply park the car to fix it first? 
Transmission oil leakage can be minor or major but not fixing it will eventually lead to destruction of the transmission.
Even if the leakage is minor, it should be fixed immediately. 
Let's briefly see areas where transmission leakages can occur:
Leak in oil pan due to impact with rocks, curbs and so on.. 
Leak in cooler line. The cooler line that routes the oil from the transmission to the oil cooler can develop leaks. 
Leak in transmission oil cooler itself. This is possible when there is internal rupture in the oil cooler itself. When this happens, the transmission oil migh..

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Step by step guide to checking the transmission fluid level

Step by step guide to checking the transmission fluid level

Knowing how to properly check the fill level of automatic transmission is key to proper preventive maintenance of the transmission.
There are two categories of automatic transmissions which we shall base our discussion on.
1. Automatic transmission with dipstick2. Sealed automatic transmission without dipstick 
The methods used in checking the fluid levels of these to types of transmission are different.We shall look into the procedures for both types of transmission differently. 
Automatic transmission with dipstick
This types of transmission has dipstick similar to engine oil dipstick but it differs in the sense that the engine oil dipstick has minimum and maximum level marks while the transmission oil dipstick has cold and hot marks. 
Front w..

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