Common names for car parts in Nigerian local spares market

Car spares are replacement parts for those that are faulty in the car. Every spare has globally accepted name. Yet, in some localities, there are names they give to parts which only them understand.

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Nigerians usually have a culture of renaming things in their own way.

When you go to the local spare parts markets, you will hear names of some parts that have no semblance with their original names but many Nigerians still know the parts immediately they are mentioned by those Nigerian names.

There are lots of modern shops where you can easily order parts by mentioning the correct names of those parts. The intention for this post is to help buyers to understand the language of parts sellers who are in the local markets.

I will list the parts with their original names and their Nigerian equivalent name and we will continue to update the list.

S/NOriginal parts nameNigerian name

1. Catalytic Converter - Indomi

2. Throttle body - Throttle mouth or injector mouth

3. Coolant temperature sensor - Cold start

4. Oxygen sensor - Exhaust plug

5. Engine control unit - Brain box

6. Automatic transmission clutch - Fibre

7. Suspension bushes - Bushing

8. Injector - Nozzle

9. Cooling system expansion tank - Radiator reservoir

10. Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF) - Air flow meter

11. Crankshaft Position sensor (CKP) - Starting sensor