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The headlight flasher of a car has many uses. It can be used as emergency light for incoming traffic, friendly light or to pass other signals like approval to give way.

Unfortunately, some drivers who intend to use the flasher aren't aware of how it is supposed to be operated. They do not use the flasher when they intend to flash, instead they use the main headlight switch by turning it ON then OFF and they repeat the cycle depending on how many times that they want to flash.

Headlight switch
Headlight flasher

The first image is that of a headlight switch while the second shows that of a flasher.


Disadvantage of not using the headlight flasher

1. You might not be able to use the high beams to flash. This is because it is the high beam lights that normally works with the flasher but when the main headlight switch is used, you may have only low beam flashing unless the full beam switch is already in ON position.

2. The flash frequency will be low. The flasher is designed in a way that the lights can be turned ON and OFF in very quick order. This cannot be achieved by using the headlight switch.

How to use a headlight flasher

1. When you want to flash

All that you need to do is to tap the flasher lever by pulling as many times that you want it to flash the lights. The flasher lever is mostly same as the turn signal lever and it is designed to return to original position after you pull and release it.

2. When you want to hold the lights for a moment

There are times when a driver will intend to hold the light continuously for a while. All you need to do is pull the lever and hold on to it for as long as you want the light to be on.