What to do when bonnet/hood pop open when driving

Bonnet is a hinged cover of an engine of a car.

Bonnet popping open implies that the bonnet opens suddenly and accidentally while the vehicle is being driven.

The hood flying open when driving can be very dangerous and requires quick thinking and good reflex to avoid a major accident. It is unlikely for bonnet to flip open at low speeds.

It happens when the vehicle has attained enough speed to make the force of wind to lift the hood.


Causes of bonnet flipping open on motion

1. Forgetting to close the bonnet properly after checking the engine or after a maintenance can cause bonnet to open on motion.

2. A bad bonnet mechanism that is not latched properly can cause bonnet to fly open too.


How to react when bonnet opens and lifts on motion

1. Do not panick but know that you don't have the luxury of time to make a correct decision.

2. Within split seconds, use the side mirrors, rear view mirror and your peripheral vision to check your back and sides in case there is an oncoming vehicle.

3. Use the gap under the opened bonnet to have a view of the front in order to remain on the road.

4. When you are certain that it is safe to brake, do so.

The reason why it is important to make a correct decision within a second is that it is better to avoid the bonnet hitting the windshield. If this happens, it can smash it and it can also cause damage to the bonnet and the body of the vehicle.