Why a deformed and wobbled tire is very dangerous

A wobbled tire in this context is a tire that is unbalanced due to physical damage. It makes the whole car to wobble.

Wobbling of wheel can be caused by several reasons such as misalignment, unbalanced wheels, tire flat spots, cupped tire and suspension problems. In this article, we are referring to a tire that is physically deformed and not balanced.


Causes of tire deformation

1. Hitting a kerb.

2. Hitting a bump or gallop.

3. Locked brakes due to harsh/sudden braking.

4. Normal substandard tire deformation.

5. Improper wear.


What happens when a tire is wobbling?

A tire that is wobbling will not evenly have contact with the ground. In other words, some parts of the tire make contact with the ground more.


Risks of using deformed tire that is wobbling

As stated that some areas of the tire will make contact with the ground more, these areas will be under stress and will wear rapidly, creating hot spots for tire explosion.

In addition to that, a wobbling tire places stress on other suspension parts and this further reduces safety.