By Leamas, 25 July, 2022
Battery load test
The true health of a battery cannot be checked by simply measuring the terminal voltage. A resistive load is placed and the rate of discharge is monitored by watching the battery terminal voltage.
By Leamas, 13 July, 2022
Cooling fan bypass
Radiator fan speed is normally controlled by the ECU or fan control module. If the system is bypassed, it has negative side effects like high fuel consumption, shortened fan lifespan.
By Leamas, 29 June, 2022
Overspeeding has negative safety and economic effects. Also, in trying to beat time by speeding excessively, the driver might end up having more travel time.
By Leamas, 23 June, 2022
Car floor mat
The mats in the footwell of a car can cause serious safety issue if not properly installed. The floor mats can interfere with the brake or accelerator pedal, causing serious safety concern.