By Leamas, 15 June, 2022
Engine oil service
There are simple tricks that will reduce the amount of money spent on regular engine oil change. The money saved on a long term depends on the quality and suitability of oil used.
By Leamas, 11 June, 2022
Power inverters help us to get stable electricity but the question is whether using them cuts electricity cost or not. Power inverters are good as power backup devices for stable electricity and for convenience.
By Leamas, 6 June, 2022
Wheel misalignment
A bad wheel alignment causes a car not to track straight and it has other detrimental effects. It is caused by potholes, bumps, worn suspension and steering components and other kinds of impact on the wheels.
By Leamas, 5 June, 2022
The testing of a fuse is one of the easiest diagnosis. It can be done by doing physical inspection, continuity test, by using a test lamp or by checking the voltage at both terminals of the fuse.