Geely Nigeria announce plan to launch new SUV

Geely Nigeria was established to strengthen the automotive industry in the country by producing quality cars. This is through exclusive partnership of Mikano international limited and Geely.

Geely the largest independent car manufacturer in China is a top leader in the automobile industry and this is seen in their wild acquisition and partnerships with great brands in the industry. Examples are Volvo, London taxis, American flying car company, Lynk and co, Daimler AG, Lotus and Proton.

Geely has been ranked in Fortune Global 500 top companies for 9 consecutive years.

Mikano has been a leader and also tested and trusted in after sales services with quality and long lasting products. Example of such products is the Mikano generators.

Mikano has established a state of the art assembly plant to make affordable cars with latest technologies accessible to Nigerians. Mikano's nation wide presence is an added advantage in the areas of after sales services and availability of products.

Mikano Motors successfully launched Geely Nigeria by introducing X7Sport and Emgrand7 models. They later introduced coolray SUV which won Nigerian journalists association award for best compact SUV design and technology for the year 2021.