Germany takes position on phasing out internal combustion engine cars by 2035

Germany has taken the stance that only zero emission vehicles would be sold by the year 2035.

Before now, Germany had opposed stiff polution targets for the automotive industry.

It makes Germany join nations that are pushing for zero emissions to save the environment and improve human health.

There are fears about job losses as economies shift away from cars that are polluting to more environmentally friendly cars like electric vehicles. This is because the industry that relies on oil has a lot of workforce. Although, some people have argued that battery production and battery waste does not make electric cars to be environmentally friendly. We think that electric variants are still much more greener. This must be what governments that have given target dates on shift away from internal combustion engine cars have seen.


Technical advantage of shifting from internal combustion engines cars to electric cars

From a technical perspective, the shift is a big leap that will favour any economy. The reason being that internal combustion engine vehicles are not efficient as most of the chemical energy in the fuel is not converted to useful work done but wasted as heat.