By Leamas, 25 May, 2023
Engine overheat when AC is off
When the engine overheats when AC is not in use but overheating stops when AC is turned ON, there is likely a problem with the cooling fan system. Either one out of two fans is not working or the only fan is not working optimally.
By Leamas, 2 April, 2022
Causes of car engine overheating
Just as engines overheat, it is very possible for them to also be overcooled by their cooling systems or overcooled by the inrush of environmental air passing through the radiator.
By Leamas, 27 November, 2020
Causes of transmission overheating
Transmission especially the automatics can overheat. The causes range from bad clutch, wrong fluid, overfilled or underfilled transmission and bad oil cooler.
By Leamas, 26 October, 2020
How to drive an overheating car
Where there is no way to fix an overheating car on the spot, these are information needed to be able to drive an overheating car to a workshop or safe place.