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Our services at Leamas

We don’t see ourselves as only a technology support company, but as your trusted business advisor. We don’t believe in implementing technology for technology’s sake, but we believe that technology should be implemented only when it is aligned with your business vision. Below are some of the services we offer.


We champion transition to the use of electric cars from conventional fuel cars through the provision of expert maintenance services for hybrid and electric cars. We also maintain petrol and diesel only cars. Our experts do this through proper computerized diagnosis. We also do vehicle emissions checks and corrections, offer maintenance at your home service, pre-sale inspection service, incidence report generation and consultation services

Renewable Energy Solutions

We offer renewable energy solutions(mainly solar power), we also incorporate flexible solar panels and deep cycle batteries into conventional cars and we design and implement battery and generator hybrid solutions to reduce harmful emissions. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in maintaining these systems to give you good returns on your investments

Electronics & Computers

We develop embedded systems to grow the manufacturing sector in the area of electronics, for different applications. We do installations, configurations, maintenance of computers & communication systems, and we maintain electrical and electronics systems

Trainings and Sales

We venture into research and development. Our firm knowledge and experience in maintenance has given us a great advantage. We pass these knowledge and experiences by offering trainings to individuals and organizations. We also sell our products and other Automobile, Computer & networking, Electronics items on our online store

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We believe the key to being able to work well with others is trust. Be it within the Leamas community or with our clients, our only way of working is on a basis of trust. You deserve that and so do we.


With over 5 years experience integrating and supporting technology built around your needs, Leamas Technologies Limited has earned a stellar reputation in the marketplace.

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Peugeot/Renault spark coil

Peugeot/Renault spark coil

Ignition spark coil for Peugeot 406, 407, 607 and ..
NGN 6500.00
Clear glass fog lamp

Clear glass fog lamp

Clear fog light with adjustable high beam and low ..
NGN 12000.00
Denso iridium Ikh20tt spark plugs

Denso iridium Ikh20tt spark plugs

Denso iridium Ikh20tt twin tip spark plugs
4 pi..
NGN 18000.00
Oxygen sensor spacer

Oxygen sensor spacer

For oxygen sensor spacing especially post catalyti..
NGN 2000.00
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  • Dada Stephen

    CEO's Hub Worldwide

    Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away

  • Debby Fulani

    Lani Emporium Group

    Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations

  • Joshua Omale

    Omale Oil & Gas

    The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life


Blog entries

Coolant versus water in a car's cooling system

Coolant versus water in a car's cooling system

Many vehicle users do not see the need to use coolant in their vehicles simply because they put in water and their vehicle runs fine simply because they are unaware of the long term negative effect that it will have on their vehicle's cooling system and the engine itself.
Let's see how coolant performs when used and how water performs when used in the cooling system.
• Water - This could be either tap, well or borehole water. These types of water contain minerals that cause corrosion to a car's engine block, piping and the core of a radiator. Those minerals can also cause scale ..

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Causes of tire blowout and how to prevent tire blowout

Causes of tire blowout and how to prevent tire blowout

Tire blowout is very dangerous and can be life threatening in some situations. It is very important to know the various causes of tire blowout and how to prevent it for safety. 
Here are things to do to prevent tire burst:
Tire pressure - The pressure of all the tires should be checked regularly to ensure that the inflation pressures are correct and in line with the car and tire manufacturer's recommendations. Under-inflated tires get heated easily because of excessive sidewall flexing. When the tire gets weak due to excessive flexing and heating, it bursts.&am..

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Step by step guide to checking the transmission fluid level

Step by step guide to checking the transmission fluid level

Knowing how to properly check the fill level of automatic transmission is key to proper preventive maintenance of the transmission.
There are two categories of automatic transmissions which we shall base our discussion on.
1. Automatic transmission with dipstick2. Sealed automatic transmission without dipstick 
The methods used in checking the fluid levels of these to types of transmission are different.We shall look into the procedures for both types of transmission differently. 
Automatic transmission with dipstick
This types of transmission has dipstick simi..

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